21st Century Learning Design (21CLD)

21st Century Design MOOC

H2 Learning – in partnership with St Patrick’s College, DCU –  built a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), designed to give educators around the world a free set of tools and competencies to help develop 21st century skills in their students. The MOOC’s development was funded by Microsoft and is titled 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD). Many teachers struggle to use ICT effectively with their learners and this course is designed to help them address this challenge.

The 21CLD course is available to teachers worldwide through the new Microsoft Educator Community platform, education.microsoft.com.

See the 21CLD curriculum after signing into the Microsoft Education platform here.

Breaking Down the 21CLD MOOC

The 21CLD MOOC is made up of eight courses and consists of 20 hours of Office Mix Lessons, video and self-assessment materials. Educators also have the opportunity to actively participate in the course by sharing their materials and by engaging in ongoing discussion as part of a community of learners.

The 21CLD introductory course explains the background to 21st century skills and showcases the research that underpins the overall curriculum.

The following six courses explore six 21st century skills; collaboration, skilled communication, knowledge construction, self-regulation, real-world problem-solving and innovation and use of ICT for learning.

The final course brings together all of these skills and offers a reflection on how the 21CLD approach can influence a classroom as teachers set about designing learning activities and scenarios for their students.

21CLD is made up of eight courses:

  • 21CLD Course 1: Introducing 21CLD
  • 21CLD Course 2: Collaboration
  • 21CLD Course 3: Skilled communication
  • 21CLD Course 4: Knowledge construction
  • 21CLD Course 5: Self-regulation
  • 21CLD Course 6: Real-world problem-solving
  • 21CLD Course 7: Use of ICT for Learning
  • 21CLD Course 8: Continuing the 21CLD Practice.