Digital, Social and Civic Competences Development for Adult Educators Working with Migrants and Refugees – DiSoCi is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project for adult education.

The current European crisis of refugees and migrants has created a new challenge to the adult education system as in many European countries adult educators do not have much experience working with this group of learners. DiSoCi aims to address this issue and encourage competence development of adult educators working with migrants, refugees and other diversified groups in the Europe through the following objectives:

  • To evaluate the level of adult educators competences to work with migrants and refugees;
  • To encourage the continuing and professional development of adult educator’s by using the innovative education models and Open Education Recourses (OER) for their digital, social and civic competences development;
  • To increase the motivation and reduce disparities in learning outcomes of migrants, refugees and other diversified groups by suggesting a digital programme for their competences development.

For more informations see disoci.eu