CPD Education Erasmus+

Assessment of Transversal Skills in STEM (ATS STEM) is an innovative policy experimentation project conducted across eight EU countries and involving a partner network of twelve educational institutions. The project aims to develop transversal STEM competences for students and appropriate digital assessment methods. The project supports teachers by customising their learning designs to better meet the needs of their students, who create practical examples of how new ICTs can be harnessed to foster STEM skills and competences in students. The developed ATS STEM Conceptual Framework and related teaching, learning and assessment will be implemented and evaluated as part of a large-scale classroom pilot project leading to policy recommendations at both national and European levels for further transformation of education.

The project is led by Dublin City University with support from H2 Learning.

Twitter: @stem_ats, #ATSSTEM

Funding: Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 3 – Support for policy reform – Initiatives for policy innovation

Duration: 2019 – 2022

Status: Current
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