CPD Education Erasmus+

The aim of the Academy project is to provide SELFIE assessed schools with an eco-system of digital education mentor supports and professional development resources around the themes addressed within the SELFIE self-reflection tool. These themes include Leadership, Collaboration and Networking, Infrastructure and Equipment, Continuous Professional Development, Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Student Digital Competences. The academy explores how digital learning and teaching is being used to enhance STEAM education and remote learning in schools. The Academy is the latest extension to The Digital Schools Awards European programme which launched in January 2020 to explore how SELFIE-assessed schools in five countries – Slovenia, Serbia, Lithuania, Scotland and Ireland – can be supported through the Digital Schools Awards to accelerate and enhance sustainable digital education practices. Schools that have been awarded are invited to join the academy as mentor schools. Approx. 30 post-primary schools from 4 countries, Slovenia, Serbia, Lithuania, and Ireland will join the academy in 2022. The project will provide support for social inclusion and equality by connecting these schools with mentor schools to enhance their digital practices. Teachers can expect to gain valuable knowledge, support and mentorship to help their school’s digital action planning and development. The project will work with these schools as they embark on an innovation journey. Academy schools will be connected with innovative digital mentors in order to explore approaches before implementing or adapting them in their own setting. Schools that complete the programme will receive recognition for their efforts and join a growing community of awarded digital schools in Europe. The SELFIE Digital Schools Academy consortium of partners has a wide range of expertise. It consists of national ministries of education, school support agencies, university, project management experts and industry partners. The project is funded by Erasmus+ managed through the National Agency in Ireland, Leargas. Partners involved are; Digital Schools Awards – Ireland H2 Learning – Ireland The National Agency for Education – Lithuania Education Technology Center, Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation (IEQE) – Serbia University of Maribor – Slovenia Sord Data Systems – Ireland Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development – Serbia HP Inc. – worldwide