About Us

Why partner with H2 Learning?

Across the world, education systems are being redesigned to arm students for the 21st century.

At H2 Learning, we recognise that teachers are the key to this redesign. We offer support services that inspire confidence in educators when they use ICT for learning in a modern classroom. At the same time, we offer consultancy to policy-makers, which helps to facilitate the integration of ICT into education infrastructure and curricula, and we engage in EU-funded projects which pave the way for the future of ICT in education.

By working with us, you can be assured that the education service, consultancy and products we offer, are accompanied by excellent, practical guidance. We assess your needs and deliver services in a style and language that is effective and easy to understand. With a learner-centered ethos, we create new ways of looking at education and we are passionate about what we do.