CPD Education Erasmus+

Today, all countries are conducting studies to improve their future. Development levels of societies are directly relevant to the efficiency of these studies. In this era, in which technology is rapidly advancing, the development of the 21st century skills determines the future professions of individuals and their place in the society. It also determines the workforce, industrialization levels and the prestige of a country on the international level. Countries that develop and update their education policies do not only contribute to education, but also lead the international community in all fields from the national economy to science. It is certainly possible for societies to reach this level of development through organizing the educational environments and materials, which starts from the school age and integrating the learning scenarios that support higher order thinking skills into the learning environments. ‘Fostering STEAM Education in Schools’ aims to raise generations that can keep up with technological developments and contribute by foreseeing the development of innovative policies for the future.