Future Creators

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What is the Future Creators Programme?

The Future Creators programme, developed by the Digital Hub and National College of Art and Design (NCAD), is an after-school programme for Dublin teens that has been running since 2011. The initiative gives young people an opportunity to develop digital media skills while exploring their creative potential.

The ultimate aim of the programme is to encourage students to pursue a career in the digital media or technology industry – an area where Ireland needs the next generation to invest their future.

Through the programme, the 13-to-16-year-old participants gain hands-on experience with app and game development, digital content production and social media tools. The collaborative nature of the project also offers a chance for students to develop key career and life skills, such as problem-solving techniques, communication skills, and how to work as part of a team.

The future Creators Cadets

The Future Creators Cadets, which has been underway since November, 2015, is similar to the existing Future Creators programme. The Future Creators Cadets targets younger participants (10-12 years) with a programme tailored to their abilities, interests and needs, and focuses on Art, Design and Circuitry. The programme is delivered after school at The Digital Hub for two-hours every Monday.

H2 Learning is lead coordinator for the Future Creators and Future Cadets projects.

Here is a short film that was made by the Future Creators class of 2015, and that featured on Irish television station, 3e.

Here is a YouTube video, which introduces the Future Creators Cadets.

Lord David Puttnam speaks about the Future Creators learning programme.